Monday, January 29, 2018

Noir City XVI One Stop Shopping

Dispatch #1: For Mature Audiences Only (I Wake Up Screaming and Among the Living)
Dispatch #2: Fifty Shades of Fleg (Quiet Please: Murder, Shadow of a Doubt, This Gun For Hire)
Dispatch #3: Then They Came For Me (Address Unknown) 
Dispatch #4: Help, I'm Stepping Into The Twilight Zone (Destiny, Flesh and Fantasy) 
Dispatch #5: You Don't Mess With the Monica (Jealousy)
Dispatch #6: My Mind's Playing Tricks On Me (Conflict, Night Editor, The Blue Dahlia) 
Dispatch #7: Murder, He Spoke (The Unsuspected) 
Dispatch #8  Kittens Can Still Scratch (I Walk Alone, Bodyguard, High Tide)

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