Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Saving the Wales

by Odienator

Check out my first piece over at Roger Ebert's Movies on Demand blog! It's about Sleep Furiously, a Welsh documentary available at Fandor for a free 24 hour period on July 29th. It's an unconventional documentary, and I enjoyed its leisurely pace and its observations of rural life in a town beset by change. A snippet below:

"You've got to have characters to make a community."

What does it mean to a community when a school shuts down? Here in the U.S., it means either the state doesn't have any money to run it or the kids have burned it down. In Trefeurig, Wales, however, the dissolution of a school is something far more ominous, especially if it is the only school in town. "Sleep Furiously" uses Trefeurig's school closing as its central event yet only hints at its deeper implications: Youth may be wasted on the young, but the world can't continue to exist without them.

Read the rest here!

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